MiABQ Millennial Project

The MiABQ Project encourages the activity, engagement, and vision of Albuquerque’s Millennial generation in making Downtown a vibrant, revitalized community and the locus of innovation, art, and activity in our City. MiABQ was drawn together on March 5th via the Downtown Action Team, the Historic District Improvement Company (HDIC), and the City of Albuquerque Department of Economic Development. We have continued to meet quarterly in large groups, twice monthly in our smaller working groups, and submit recommendations to the City of Albuquerque to enact positive, forward-thinking change in our City. We are active, we volunteer in our community, and we want to be the change we wish to see in the world. We frequently have sponsorship opportunities for our events or meetings; for questions, to join the group, or be a sponsor for an event, please contact Zoya Dixon at zoya@abqmainstreet.org. Find us on Facebook, Twitter @ MiABQProject, and Instagram @MiABQProject.