Downtown Streelights & Crossroads Neon

Throughout the country, communities are recognizing and rushing to salvage what they have left of their Route 66 legacy. They recognize their Route 66 history not only for its historical significance but its present day tourism and marketing value.

This project proposes to illuminate the Central Avenue/Route 66 streetlights from 3rd Street to 5th Street with vibrant color changing neon (LED neon). At the center of this illumination would be the Fourth Street intersection where new “Crossroads” signage and illuminating neon would be added to the Clock Tower to celebrate this major historical crossing which draws visitors nationally and internationally, but currently lacks any marking or recognition.

The project will significantly enhance the nighttime environment of Route 66 Downtown, through the well-loved medium of neon (LED neon). The objective of the design is to bring awareness and excitement to the importance of Historic Route 66 and provide cultural and historic information and meaning for tourists who visit the Crossroads but currently leave disappointed because there is no recognition of this unique historic site.

This project to illuminate Route 66 Downtown would be an opportunity to address the concerns and complaints that Downtown Central Ave. at night is dark. We are hopeful that this project will create a new buzz for downtown Central/Route 66, becoming a draw in and of itself. The opportunity to introduce color changing neon which would provide needed holiday festivity lighting. Future phase of this project to illuminate Downtown Route 66 would ultimately be continued from the Central Ave. Railroad Bridge to 8th Street.