Downtown Livability

The Downtown Livability Study is an in-depth look at indicators in both the private and public realms which impact the vitality of Downtown Albuquerque. The end goal will be a list of actionable, fundable projects and ideas, targeting lower cost/higher impact recommendations. The focus of this study includes but is not limited to five areas:

  • Waste Management – Who is recycling and composting Downtown? How can we get more people recycling and composting? How can we encourage people to reuse items as well?
recycling​The public recycling facility in Downtown Albuquerque, located at 1st and Marquette.

  • Transportation – Getting more people on bikes, riding buses, walking and driving electric cars would lead to a healthier, safer and more sustainable Downtown. We will be researching the viability of creating a parking benefit district, which means the parking revenue generated in Downtown would come back into Downtown for infrastructure improvements. Other focus areas include the implementation of the Downtown Walkability Study, which is already in motion.
On-street parking is being added throughout Downtown, as recommended by the Downtown Walkability Study.

  • Brown fields – Is there abandoned or underutilized land in Downtown? If so, why is it in its existing condition, and what can be done to change it?
brown-fieldsPortions of Downtown are characterized by underutilized land or parking lots.

  • Plants and Parks – Where are existing street trees located? Where can we add more? Are there opportunities to create more public space and, if so, where? What are the opportunities to improve our existing public spaces, sidewalks, and plazas?
parkletsParklets (known in Albuquerque as “parquitos”), can transform on-street parking into green space and seating for restaurants and cafes. Pictured here is a demonstration parquito which will likely be replaced with a permanent parquito.

  • Lighting – Where are the dark areas of Downtown? What are the highest priority areas in need of additional lighting at night for safety?
well-litA well-lit Downtown encourages economic activity and creates vitality.

  • Economic development – We will be articulating the economic benefits of implementing these different recommendations.